International encounter trips with JIK (as at: 30.04.2022)

1. registration

Registration is done online on the JIK website by the participant(s) for the respective trip. For adults who do not pay for their own transportation, written approval from the payer is required. With the legally binding registration for the trip, the general travel conditions of JIK (GTC) listed here are accepted. JIK confirms the receipt of the booking and the conclusion of the contract electronically. The 1st installment is due within 14 days after booking confirmation. If the number of participants is exceeded due to several bookings being made in quick succession, so that it was not yet apparent at the time of registration that there were no more places available, those who have registered after the maximum number has been reached will be placed on the waiting list in the order of their registration and informed of this promptly by e-mail. If you are on the waiting list, the contract will only come into effect when JIK informs you by email that you are now on the TN list.

2. 14 days right of withdrawal

With the conclusion of the contract through the online booking begins the 14-day right of withdrawal. After that, a withdrawal from the trip is only possible under the conditions in 3.1. and 4. mentioned conditions are possible.

3. conclusion of travel cancellation insurance and international health insurance.

For all participants, a travel cancellation insurance and an international health insurance will be taken out at least 7 weeks before the start of the trip, which are already included in the travel price. If someone needs medical attention during the trip, the costs are covered by the international health insurance. 3.1. Occurrence of the insured event (after conclusion of the travel cancellation insurance) The insured event is generally given if, as a result of the occurrence of one of the following important reasons in the case of the policyholder/insured or a person at risk after conclusion of the insurance contract or after booking the trip, either the policyholder’s/insured’s inability to travel is to be expected according to general life experience or the policyholder/insured cannot reasonably be expected to start the trip or complete it as planned: Death, serious accidental injury, unexpected serious illness, inoculation intolerance, pregnancy; damage to the property of the policyholder/insured as a result of fire, natural hazard event or intentional criminal act of a third party, provided that the damage is significant or provided that the presence of the policyholder/insured is necessary for the assessment of the damage. Risk persons are usually, in addition to the policyholder/insured person, his/her spouse or life partner, their children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law and children-in-law.

3.2. Insurance exclusion

As a rule, the insurer is not liable for the effects and risks of wars, civil wars or warlike events, pandemics of any kind, in the event of strikes, lockouts, labor unrest, acts of terrorism or political violence, regardless of the number of people involved. The insurer is exempt from the obligation to indemnify if the policyholder/insured or risk persons have intentionally caused the insured event.

4. cancellation of travel for non-insured reasons or before conclusion of insurance

In case of cancellation of the trip for uninsured reasons at least 8 weeks before the trip or before taking out the trip cancellation insurance, the trip costs will only be refunded if a substitute person (e.g. from a waiting list) who is accepted by JIK takes part in the trip. In this case, cancellation fees of at least 200 € are due. If this leads to additional costs for room allocation, a flat rate additional cost of €25 per night will be charged. In case of later travel cancellation, additional costs may arise, among others, for new travel insurances to be taken out, name changes for flights, visas, etc. In both cases, only the balance remaining after deduction of all additional costs can be refunded.  

5. method of payment


Within 14 days after receipt of the booking confirmation a deposit of approx. 40% of the tour price is due, the balance is due 10 weeks before the start of the tour. The receipt of payment on the specified account of JIK is decisive. Exceptions are only possible in very special individual cases after prior consultation with JIK.


If participants or cost units as contractual partners do not make the down payment and/or the final payment in accordance with the agreed payment due dates, JIK is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract after a single reminder with a deadline and to charge participants or contractual partners with withdrawal costs in accordance with section 4.

6. withdrawal and termination by JIK

JIK can withdraw from the contract as a whole before the start of the trip (6.1.) or cancel the travel contract with individual participants during the preparation of the trip (see below under 10.1.-3.) as well as after the start of the trip (6.2.) in the following cases:


If the specified minimum number of participants is not reached (see program notes for the respective trip) at the latest 30 days before the start of the trip, if a minimum number of participants is indicated in the trip description for the respective trip. Furthermore, JIK may withdraw from the contract if the requested subsidies for a trip are not granted. In any case, JIK is obligated to inform the participants or the legal guardians immediately after the occurrence of the preconditions for the non-fulfillment of the trip and to forward the declaration of withdrawal to them. The paid travel price will be refunded accordingly.


JIK expects the participants to respect the customs, traditions and laws of the respective host country. If participants violate them or behave contrary to the contract, the tour guide can exclude them from further travel after prior warning in case of repetition. The same also applies if participants unreasonably impair the togetherness in the group, if they do not meet their payment obligation despite a reminder and deadline or if they do not comply with the agreed contractual conditions. In the case of gross violations (e.g. criminal offenses such as intentional bodily harm, theft, drug use, wanton damage to property or violations of the rules of conduct under 10.3.), participants can also be immediately excluded from the trip. Any costs incurred shall be borne by these participants. If one of these cases occurs, these participants will be sent home at their own expense (with a suitable means of transport depending on the destination). Additional costs may arise if affected participants are not picked up by a guardian or authorized representative and an accompanying person from JIK must supervise the return trip. If JIK cancels the trip for one of the above-mentioned reasons, the association retains the right to the travel price.


In justified exceptional cases, JIK can exclude individual participants from the trip in case of insufficient cooperation before the trip or if the cooperation in the group is unreasonably impaired by the participant (see also No. 10.1-3). The decision on this is made exclusively by the tour guide. In the event of serious violations of these TN requirements, the parties concerned must also bear any additional costs incurred.

7. cancellation of the contract due to extraordinary circumstances

If the trip is endangered or impaired as a result of force majeure unforeseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract, both the participant or the cost bearer and JIK may terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated by JIK, JIK may claim a compensation for the travel services already rendered or still to be rendered at the end of the trip in accordance with § 638 para. 3 BGB (German Civil Code). Furthermore, JIK is obliged to take the necessary measures, in particular, if the contract includes return transportation, to transport the TN back. Additional costs for return transportation shall be borne by the parties in equal parts. In all other respects, the additional costs shall be borne by the TN. If a trip cannot be carried out due to force majeure (natural disasters, military conflicts, pandemics, etc.), entry bans or travel warnings issued by the German Foreign Office, the participants or cost bearers are liable up to the amount of the participant’s fee for any cancellation costs incurred (especially for flight costs). JIK has made a goodwill arrangement for the 2022/23 Israel-Palestine-Jordan trips that provides for a full refund of TN fees in the event of force majeure. In case of prohibition to leave the country during the trip (quarantine, etc.), the participants or cost bearers bear the additional costs themselves, unless there is reimbursement from a third party(e.g. the foreign health insurance).  

8. duty to cooperate and exclusion of claims

If individual program points, especially in the case of trips to the Middle East, cannot be carried out due to force majeure, the participants have no right to a refund. Justified complaints are to be communicated immediately to the travel management at the place of performance, so that they are in a position to take remedial action. If the TN culpably omits to report a defect, a claim for reduction does not occur. Otherwise, the specified claims must be made in writing to JIK within one month after the contractually stipulated return date. The receipt of this letter by the Executive Board of JIK is decisive for the observance of the deadline.

9. service changes and price increases

All information about services, program, dates, departure times, prices and travel conditions correspond to the status at the time of preparation of the program as well as the registration. We expressly reserve the right to make changes to the services and prices. In addition, for trips to countries with other currencies (Israel/Palestine/Jordan, etc.), exchange rate fluctuations may lead to an increase in the price of the trip, but only by a maximum of 15% in total. Any price increases beyond this without program changes will be borne by JIK.

10. participation requirements

10.1. Personal data of the participants

JIK assumes that the participants are healthy and physically and mentally resilient, as far as the program and the cooperation within the travel group requires. Any individual specifics (regarding food or health, e.g. allergies) or other personal information (including swimmers/non-swimmers) must be truthfully noted on the application. Incorrect or incomplete information leading to complications or stress during the trip may result in exclusion from the trip and claims for recourse on the part of JIK.

10.2. Cooperation before the trip

JIK expects the participants to study the culture, history, religion and current political developments of the host country/countries independently and without prejudice before the trip. There are several mandatory meetings of all participants to prepare for the trip, especially for trips to the Middle East. Here the concrete program is worked out together with the group. Furthermore, the participants receive all the important information about the youth groups on site, the interlocutors, the political situation, the different religions, the security situation, rules of conduct, pocket money and luggage. Approximately 3 preliminary meetings per trip take place after the composition of the group has been determined, usually in Sankt Augustin or Bonn. Since these meetings are announced very early, the presence of all participants is also expected. Repeated absence due to illness (only with a certificate) may jeopardize participation in the trip. All important info between meetings will be done by email. TNs are required to respond to emails in a timely manner and pay attention to the info. If it turns out that one of these requirements is clearly not met by a participant or if the participant unreasonably impairs the cooperation in the group, the participant’s eligibility to participate expires. The decision on this is made exclusively by the tour guide. In the event of serious violations of these TN requirements, the parties concerned must also bear any additional costs incurred.

10.3. Rules of conduct while driving (esp. in the Near and Middle East)

1. Israel-Palestine is a crisis area! Therefore, all provocative behavior towards locals and especially towards soldiers must be refrained from. The instructions of the tour guide must be followed in any case. 2. during the whole trip, except on the beach, the participants will wear appropriate clothing that is not offensive to observant Jews, Christians and Muslims (for women: chest, shoulders, legs and belly covered!). Among other things, we stay in Christian institutions, visit places of worship and especially Muslim neighborhoods! 3. the willingness to keep agreements and appointments (especially the departure in the morning) and to participate in all fixed program points is required! 4. the unity of the group must be maintained, never remove without permission! All participants are informed about meeting points / times and must adhere to them. Only go in groups of at least 4 participants (with cell phone!)! 5. in case of loss of identification papers, money, valuables etc. no replacement by JIK or insurance. 6. the house rules in the accommodations must be strictly observed. Consideration towards fellow human beings (Christian/Muslim institutions!) is a matter of course. In case of alcohol or substance abuse as well as gross violation of the rules of conduct 1-6, participants will be sent home immediately at their own expense or that of the cost bearer!

11. use of photo and video recordings

Participants agree that photos/videos may be taken of them on the trips and published on JIK’s website, Facebook and Instagram. Of course, this permission can also be revoked on the trip in individual cases. Otherwise, all photos/videos from these trips are for private use only and may only be shared within the group of TNs. It is expressly prohibited to publish photos/videos on YouTube, Facebook or other social networks or make them accessible to third parties without the express permission of those depicted. Violation is punishable by law because of the right to one’s own image.

12 Ineffectiveness of individual provisions and place of jurisdiction

The invalidity of individual provisions of the travel contract and the travel conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract or the travel conditions. Only agreements made in writing are effective. Any warranty claims shall remain unaffected insofar as the modified services are defective. The place of jurisdiction and performance is the registered office of the JugendInterKult e.V. association in Sankt Augustin.