welcome – salām – shalom – hos geldiniz – ahoj – kalos órisate – teple pryvitannya – namaste – karibu!

A warm welcome to you!

Latest news from November 19, 2023:

We are all stunned and shocked by the bestial-terrorist Hamas attack on Israel with over 1.4 thousand Israelis (mostly women) killed u. children), probably already over 12 thousand Palestinians killed (e.g. Statista Research Department v. 20.11.2023) + tens of thousands injured. Around 240 people, including 12 Germans, are still being held hostage by Hamas. Of course, our solidarity is now with Israel, which has suffered the most civilian casualties since 1948. But we also think with horror of the many thousands of other victims of this warlike conflict. Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah from Lebanon, especially among the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, where an immense humanitarian catastrophe is looming. Those in the West Bank are also suffering extremely and become et al. threatened by settler violence. We sincerely hope and pray that the hostages will be released, that the conflict will not spread and that a ceasefire can be reached before Christmas if possible.

A very touching video by Yael Deckelbaum about Palestinian and Israeli women and their shared visions of peace: https://youtu.be/YyFM-pWdqrY?si=MnXNPH6Q-yNqIm1T

We all hope that a just peace will also come to Ukraine, that the terrible suffering of the Ukrainian people and the Russian grain boycott will soon come to an end.
We ask for help for the victims of the floods in Libya and the earthquake in Morocco.
Of course, we also hope for effective climate protection as the top global priority in the future.

Successful fundraising campaign from 15.12.: € 160k for Ukraine, Afghanistan, Bedouins, Africa, ToN, Palestine, India, endangered Christians worldwide – further donations urgently requested

New large Christmas fundraising campaign for the acutely threatened Christians in the Near/Middle East, the ToN, the Birgittinnen Monastery on the Mount of Olives and many institutions/schools in Bethlehem, among others, who condemn this terrorist attack just as much as we do and are now suffering extremely from its consequences (bank details at the bottom).

12.11.2023: New cooperation agreement 2024 betw. JIK and Campus15 (www.campus15.org)
04.12.23: Next date for ToN re-registration? (new land surveying costs of approx. € 25 thousand)
17.12.23, 16:00: Christmas concert “A light illuminates the darkness”, gr. Ratssaal, St. Augustin (information on program etc. and tickets at € 20 from Gregor Schröder)
01.03.24: Women’s World Day of Prayer (implementation from Palestine very uncertain)
23.04.24: Inauguration of the large EdK column in front of the Düsseldorf state parliament (with the participation of the BKO)
18.-26.05.24: Trip to Israel-Palestine with a visit to the Great Patriotic War. ToN encounter festival near Bethlehem
29.06.-07.07.24: Return visit by a youth group from Bethlehem
13.-27.10.24: Israel-P.-J.-Fahrt, online registration until 15.2.24 without price increase + 160 early bird discount possible (only 7 places available)
March 25: 4-week trip to intensify and optimize support for non-European JIK aid projects; information on the group of participants, cost contribution/program from G. Schröder (0163-6335535)

Founded in 2011, our Sankt Augustin-based association has both a local and global focus and is committed to intercultural understanding, justice as well as sustainable development worldwide as a basis for peace.

  • We want to inspire adolescents to engage in intercultural youth exchange with Israel-Palestine-Jordan, Tanzania-Zanzibar, etc. through specially funded and low-cost bilateral youth encounters.
  • JIK promotes intercultural creative projects (music, theater, dance, art) with socially and otherwise disadvantaged young people, young talents, refugees in many countries as well as volunteer work in Christian institutions, e.g. in Palestine.

Art project in Bethlehem

Music project in Zanzibar

  • We support 40 aid projects worldwide in Colombia, Afghanistan, India, Congo, Palestine, etc. in over 20 countries.
  • JIK total funding for all projects and fundraising activities: well over €1.5 million

With the help of the donations, thousands of children and their families, as well as Christian institutions (monasteries, schools, etc. in Palestine, among other places) in many countries that have fallen on hard times due to the Corona pandemic, can be helped with food and medical aid as well as care in all areas of life.

Street children Colombia – Don Bosco

Afghanistan Aid – Caritas International

  • We still need more people for our projects, people to accompany us on our trips, but also support through membership and of course especially donations for our many aid projects.
  • Accompanying persons urgently needed for bilateral youth exchange with Palestine. We are not only looking for volunteers for the ToN and other staff members for our projects, but also urgently for accompanying persons (e.g. religious teacher) for our two-way youth meetings with Palestine from 2024, who would like to prepare and accompany these trips as leaders after participating in the trip in October 24+25 and intensive JIK training. Applicants should be between 30 and 50 years old(preferably female), live in the Bonn – Leverkusen area, have good English skills and pedagogical experience in dealing with projects and adolescents, and preferably already be familiar with regional studies, the Middle East conflict and the 3 world religions. As responsible leaders from 2025/6 onwards, they receive an expense allowance of

Participation in the following trips/two-way youth encounters is encouraged:
1. Spring 24: Preparatory trip to Israel-Palestine (approx. 4/5 TN), small contribution to costs by the TN.
2nd return visit from Palestine: 29.06. – 07.07.2024 + 05. – 13.07.2025 in St. Augustin (approx. 15 participants each from Palestine + Germany)
3rd trip to Israel-Palestine-Jordan: 12-27.10. 2024 + 11-26.10.2025, maximum 16 participants 18 years and older.
Email applications to: schroedergregor@aol.com

Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our activities and take advantage of our offers by participating in international youth encounters, our creative projects, fundraising activities and/or by joining or becoming a member of us. As a member, you participate in all activities free of charge and have the opportunity to receive an early bird discount of €160 on trips.

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