Origin and meaning of the JIK club logo

“This logo for JugendInterKult was created during our Normandy vacation in August 2012, at the Hidden Bay Café in Cayeux-sur-Mer.

With this design we would like to express the goals of the association JugendInterKult e.V.: to promote international youth encounters and intercultural understanding and to work worldwide in the form of international youth exchange. The blue sphere is intended to deliberately evoke an association with our blue planet Earth.

The three letters of the JIK association are deliberately designed in a slightly amorphous outer shape to suggest the outlines of continents/countries/islands. Arranged in a circle and surrounded by the blue of the ocean, they signal a global, international sense of being on the move.

At the same time, the oddly bounded, creaturely shapes reveal a lively interplay of difference – a game between partners – and symbolize the encounter in international youth exchange that can take place in a playful way. A game with the ball – the dot on the i -, a ball that makes all directions possible and stands for the whole, moved and kept going by all.

At the center of the logo is the i, which – slightly alienated – is recognizable as a human being, whereby here the i stands for intercultural. So it’s about people in cross-cultural relationships.”

Carmen Dietrich and Gregor Merten, visual artists www.engel-der-kulturen.de