The association JugendInterKult (non-profit friendly registered association)

We are pleased that you are visiting the website of JugendInterKult (non-profit friendly registered association) (JIK) and would like to briefly introduce the goals and activities of JIK.


The association, which was founded in 2011 and operates nationwide (mainly in the Bonn – Cologne – Leverkusen area), is based in Sankt Augustin and consists mainly of young adults who are interested in intercultural youth exchange and work together with young people from a wide range of countries and cultures in the context of international encounter trips, but also in creative projects.

Another focus is the special support of young refugees, migrants and socially and otherwise disadvantaged young people.

International Youth Exchanges

Therefore, JIK regularly organizes international youth exchange trips to Israel/Palestine, Jordan, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Tanzania-Zanzibar etc.. Of course, return visits of young people from friendly international youth organizations also take place with us.

Artistic projects

Once a year we host the Indian dance group Nrityavani from different parts of India, which offers evening events and workshops in schools, but also participates in church services.

Together with the Cologne theater pedagogue, actor and director Jürgen Albrecht, among others, we put together new theater groups of young people as needed, with whom self-designed or given plays are rehearsed and performed. In the future, these artistic projects will also be extended to the areas of music, dance and visual arts, also as part of our future intensified work with refugees.

In Palestine on the grounds of Daoud Nassar’s private peace project “Tent of Nations” (see below), together with the artist couple Carmen Dietrich and Gregor Merten, we completed the peace symbol “Angel of Cultures” designed by them as a 30-meter LandArt made of stones from the surrounding area in the outer contours. This project was financed, among others, with the support of the Bethe Foundation. Planned completion: 2020/21.

In all intercultural encounters, we use this groundbreaking symbol in cooperation with the artist couple, as we believe that peaceful coexistence of the three monotheistic world religions is an indispensable prerequisite for lasting peace in the world, especially in the Near and Middle East.

Financial support

In Palestine, we are particularly involved by supporting and regularly visiting the international private peace project “Tent of Nations” of the Christian Palestinian and peace activist Daoud Nassar (see above), which is threatened by expropriation attempts.

We also support young people in the Middle East who are doing voluntary work abroad.
We provide financial support in special individual cases, among others especially to needy young war refugees, e.g. from Kosovo, Bosnia, Congo, etc.

We can also support young talents in the fields of theater, dance, film, music and visual arts in special cases.

Work with refugees

After we have already carried out individual projects (canoe trips, climbing tours) with unaccompanied young refugees in the past years, we would like to offer various projects together with young Germans in the field of refugee work. In the process, we will collaborate with proven and new artists or professionals.
Of course, these activities are only made possible by the commitment of many volunteers.


Therefore our request:
You too can get involved with JIK through

● Volunteering in the various projects.
● Membership in our association
● Collaboration in the Executive Board
● Donations of money and goods

Any kind of support is welcome. The first step toward that is here.