Become a member of JugendInterKult e.V.!

The purpose of the association is to promote international youth encounters, intercultural understanding bes. in the Middle East, development aid and artistic projects with young people, integration of young immigrants, refugees and socially and otherwise disadvantaged young people.
All donations to the association (including contributions!) are tax-deductible without restriction as donations for charitable purposes.

Advantages of the JIK membership: 160 € each travel discount incl. Early bird discount, reduced admission e.g. at the big benefit gala on 9/16-23 (see at fundraising events) and free participation in all events in the framework of our international youth meetings starting in 2022 with us.

As a member, you not only support our numerous activities in a wide variety of areas, but you can also immediately participate in all trips at a reduced cost of €80 each – with at least two years of membership. So it pays off in more ways than one to become a member of the association.

The tax office recognizes donations up to € 300 even without a donation receipt. To reduce our voluntary administrative work, we only issue donation receipts for donations of €100 or more, since we receive about 500 donations per year!

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